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April 17, 2018

12 Maxi Dresses I’m Dying to Photograph

Flowing maxi dresses look amazing on camera because they bring extra movement to photos. So momma, if you’ve got a summer session scheduled with me, here are my 12 top picks to inspire your wardrobe. If you show up to your family session in one of these, just know I’m going to do my happy dance. These dresses will all photograph beautifully. In addition to the movement from the long skirts, these maxi dresses are all in soft, light tones. The muted shades help bring all the attention to your face and let the eye focus on the emotions you’re sharing with your family. Soft, neutral colors in your wardrobe help your skin glow in the final images we create together. If you need any help coordinating outfits for the rest of your crew, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ve got ideas for every member of the family.

If you don’t already have a summer session scheduled with me, we can take care of that. Spots on my calendar fill up fast, but it’s not complicated to reserve a spot of your own. All you have to do to get in touch is use my contact form and we can get all the details worked out. And of course, you already know what you need to wear… a maxi dress that makes me do my happy dance.

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