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April 15, 2019

Baby Drew

Baby Drew’s momma uses the word “scrumptious” to describe him and I couldn’t think of a better adjective for this delicious boy. Those eyes (and eye lashes), those chubby arms, and those smoochable cheeks – I could just eat him up. Don’t worry, I haven’t actually nibbled on a client – yet. Being a Fort Worth baby photographer certainly has it’s perks. I’d spend a sunlight, Saturday morning with this boy anytime.

This past weekend, I had my pictures taken with my own baby boy. I’m so glad I made time for a mommy & me session with my little guy. I’ll treasure those pictures for always, but as I’m looking at them know, I see a kid in the photos with me. What happened to my baby? It feels like he grew up in an instant. I have tons of great baby pictures, but now that he’s not so little anymore, I wish I had taken more. I especially wish I had more pictures of us together while he was a baby.

I’m usually the one behind the camera, so I rarely get in the shots. Mommas, you need to get out from behind the cameras and get in the pictures. Hand the camera to another adult and let them snap away while you play with your babies, or let this Fort Worth baby photographer help you out. Either way, #momstaysinthepicture should be our motto!Family-Photographer-Fort Worth_0098.jpg
Family-Photographer-Fort Worth_0100.jpg
Family-Photographer-Fort Worth_0096.jpg
Family-Photographer-Fort Worth_0101.jpg
Family-Photographer-Fort Worth_0103.jpg
Family-Photographer-Fort Worth_0104.jpg
Family-Photographer-Fort Worth_0102.jpg
Family-Photographer-Fort Worth_0099.jpg
Family-Photographer-Fort Worth_0105.jpg
Fort Worth Baby Photographer

Felicity Suzanne Photography specializes in motherhood photography.  Maternity, newborn, baby and family photography sessions are available in the Fort Worth area, including Aledo, Keller, Lake Worth, Walsh Ranch and Arlington. I would love to begin planning your Fort Worth milestone session.  To see more milestone sessions please click over to my portfolio or peruse my blog! If you would like to reserve your date on my calendar, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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