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November 5, 2018

Henry Family

Anyone who visits would say, Oakmont Park in Fort Worth has a lot going for it. There’s a great playground, paved bike trails for miles and a pretty creek running through it all. From a photographer’s perspective, it’s an ideal spot. There are beautiful trees to filter light, there is tall grass and short grass and in between grass. There are open fields and forest clearings. So many options to create different looks exist all within a few hundred yards. In the springtime there are blooming trees and now, there is a hint of fall color. We don’t have the kind of autumn here that I was used to growing up in Michigan, but I was so pleased to see some changing leafs when I came into the park this past weekend. I’m so glad I stumbled on this park as the setting for my Fort Worth mini sessions. If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ve seen me excitedly posting all my favorite shots from mini sessions over the past two weeks.

Katie and her family showed up to their mini session perfectly styled for fall. When you’re wearing buffalo check, plaids and great boots, you know you’re ready for the season. When I’m photographing families with young kids, it usually takes high energy (and bribes) to get the kiddos to cooperate. I mean, I don’t blame the little ones for being nervous. I’d be a little reserved if some lady in a park was making crazy noises and asking me to play in front of her camera. I was gearing up to work for the smiles, but magic happened. Newly four-year-old Fisher had his listening ears on and was ready to cooperate like a champion. He was the perfect little model and he even helped little Corrie get excited about having her pictures taken. Fisher was especially helpful in the pictures we took of just the two kids. He talked calmly to his baby sister, led her by the hand and even stopped a few times to give her a tickle. And she lit up her smile for her big brother.

Speaking of smiles. It’s funny sometimes when I sit down to edit a gallery, I start to notice just how much a kiddo resembles a parent. Fisher is completely a mini Kevin. They have identical smiles. It can be hard to tell because of the beard, but these two guys share so many of the same facial expressions. I’m sure Katie is in there somewhere, but I think Fisher is going to grow up to be the spitting image of his daddy. And hopefully when he’s a grown up man, he’ll be blessed with a family like the one his parents have built – full of love, joy and smiles. Fort Worth Family Photographer_0068.jpg
Fort Worth Family Photographer_0072.jpg
Fort Worth Family Photographer_0071.jpg
Fort Worth Family Photographer_0070.jpg
Fort Worth Family Photographer_0069.jpg
Fort Worth Family Photographer_0073.jpg
Fort Worth Family Photographer_0067.jpg
Fort Worth Family Photographer_0074.jpg
Fort Worth Family Photographer_0075.jpg

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