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November 27, 2018

Jenna & Reggie

These college sweethearts made it through three years of a long-distance relationship while they both completed challenging graduate school programs. Now, they’ve had a chance to catch their breath and they’re getting married. They didn’t think they could stop laughing long enough to take any “serious” pictures, but they nailed their session. There were plenty of laughs, but also tender nuzzles and even a few smoldering smooches.

If I could just harness Jenna and Reggie’s energy, I could rule the world. They’re both in their first year of a demanding career – Jenna is a physical therapist and Reggie is a physician assistant. They’re planning a wedding. And, if that isn’t enough, they’re opening a small business on the side. No big deal. If anyone can get all of that done, it’s this optimistic, fun-loving pair. Because they’re so busy, I’m thrilled that they took an afternoon to create these images with me. Jenna opted for Kimbell Art Museum engagement photos. The Kimbell is one of my favorite Fort Worth locations.

Jenna is the most doting aunt you’ll ever meet. She loves kiddos and during their session, she and Reggie were already talking about what comes after the wedding. Spoiler alert: it’s kids of their own. Looking at their gorgeous Kimbell Art Museum engagement photos, I’m already imagining their future family enjoying these shoots of Jenna and Reggie, young and in love. This couple puts so much good out into the world. I’m thrilled to see them enjoying this season of life together. These two deserve all the happiness.

Family-Photographer-Fort Worth_0055.jpg
Family-Photographer-Fort Worth_0062.jpg
Family-Photographer-Fort Worth_0054.jpg
Family-Photographer-Fort Worth_0063.jpg
Family-Photographer-Fort Worth_0056.jpg
Family-Photographer-Fort Worth_0060.jpg
Family-Photographer-Fort Worth_0057.jpg
Family-Photographer-Fort Worth_0061.jpg
Family-Photographer-Fort Worth_0059.jpg
Family-Photographer-Fort Worth_0058.jpg

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