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December 7, 2018

Lape Family

I’ve now had the pleasure of photographing¬†Fort Worth blogger, Laura Lape¬†for a second time. When I met up with Laura this past summer, it was just her. This fall, I was so happy that she brought her guys with her for family portraits. These three musketeers (soon to be four) were one of my favorite families all fall. There were so many laughs during our quick mini session. I didn’t stop smiling the whole time, and I’m glad they didn’t stop smiling either. I dare you to look at these pictures without cracking a smile yourself.

I think my favorite set of images from this session are Laura and James together. You can tell this little guy completely adores his momma. There’s one picture where James is kind of nibbling on his momma’s nose. Recently, we’ve been reading a lot of Where the Wild Things Are at my house, so when I saw that image, my first reaction was to think, “I’ll eat you up – I love you so!” It’s obvious this is a family filled with love, and there’s about to be even more.

The Lape Family is all set to welcome another sweet boy into their family in 2019. Hopefully he’ll have the same easy laugh and adventurous spirit as his big brother. And the blond hair. Nothing photographs prettier than sunlight, blond tots. Laura – did you catch that? Next time you have family photos taken, James is going to be a big brother. I’m not crying. You’re crying.

The whole family knows how to show up for family portraits. Kyle and James have great style, but momma is next level. I follow Laura on Instagram and she’s always showing up in outfits that I NEED to recreate. Because of her, there is a leopard print cardigan on my Christmas list. Take a look at her feed, but know that’s it going to make you want to rock a cute hat, wear great glasses and let’s not even talk about all the blanket scarves you’re going to need. Her feed is full of great inspiration for family portrait sessions.

Fort Worth Family Photographer_0130.jpg
Fort Worth Family Photographer_0129.jpg
Fort Worth Family Photographer_0131.jpg
Fort Worth Family Photographer_0133.jpg
Fort Worth Family Photographer_0132.jpg
Fort Worth Family Photographer_0134.jpg

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