Meet Felicity

     I grew up in Michigan, but found my way to Texas as fast as I could. After taking a few years to acclimate to the heat, I can honestly say I love the Texas sun. I'm still getting used to saying "y'all," but I'm down with the sunshine. 
     I was drawn to photography at a difficult time in my life. What started as a hobby to distract myself from the roller coaster of infertility, grew into a passion for preserving memories. If you ask my oldest friends, they'll flat out tell you that I have a horrible memory. I've stopped trying to count the times when we've been reminiscing and I have absolutely no recollection of the events in the stories being told. You guys, it's bad. Luckily, photography has an excellent memory. 
     I don't dwell on regrets, but I do wish that I had become a photographer before my grandfather passed away. My family doesn't have any great photos of him from later in his life. The last time he had a professional photo taken was at his wedding in 1957. The snapshots I do have are some of my most treasured possessions. I can't tell you how gratifying it is to create images for my clients that will be treasured for generations. I get to preserve memories. I get to capture details that would otherwise be forgotten. If you let me, I'd be honored to tell your story.