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March 2, 2019

Newborn Teddy

When I walked into the room sweet baby Teddy is sharing with his big brother, my jaw dropped. In the past four months, this family has moved into a new home and welcomed baby Teddy to the family. No big, they’ll just do all the hard stuff at the same time and they’ll do it with style. The room these brothers share is the first one finished in the house and their momma couldn’t have done a better job. Classic monograms on the walls, gingham bedding, toile fabrics – it’s a dream room. Monograms aren’t a thing where I grew up in Michigan, but I’m so glad that southern touch is alive and well here in Fort Worth.

The new addition to the family couldn’t have made this momma any happier!  And you can see why…because she is completely surrounded by handsome guys who have the sweetest of smiles. Not only are they the sweetest and most fun to be around, but they are so incredibly kind and happy.  When I heard they were expecting their second baby, I just knew this little one was going to be one of the luckiest babies in the world to be born into such an amazing family.  And he is just darling! This little guy loves looking up at his sweet family, especially because she sees so many adoring faces looking back at him.  If there is one thing for certain, it’s that this little guy is completely adored by his parents and older brother.  They are completely smitten and life looks perfect at their house.  Being a Fort Worth newborn photographer sure allows me to work with some of the sweetest families during some of their best days, and it’s a true honor.

Fort Worth Family Photographer_0154.jpg
Fort Worth Family Photographer_0155.jpg
Fort Worth Family Photographer_0156.jpg
Fort Worth Family Photographer_0157.jpg
Fort Worth Family Photographer_0158.jpg
Fort Worth Family Photographer_0159.jpg
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